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T.I. Will Be VH1′s

Newest Reality Star

VH1′s camera crew will follow T.I. for a new reality show capturing his re-adjustment back to his normal life. A press release on the reality show was released yesterday:

"VH1 is teaming up with multi-platinum recording artist and America’s top selling rapper T.I. as he re-adjusts to life as a free man after being incarcerated for nearly a year in a Federal prison in Arkansas.

In the new untitled T.I. series premiering December 5 at 10PM*, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the most private and personal moments of one of today’s hottest, most sought after Grammy winning artists as he is reunited with his wife and kids and thrust back into society at this crucial juncture in his life.

The half hour 10-episode series follows the “King of the South” at his most vulnerable state, as he is released from an 11 month Federal prison term, his second stint in three years.

Along the way we will see T.I. re-acclimate back into his life as a father, husband, son and friend, as well as a musician, a clothier, a businessman, and an actor (he last starred in and produced Sony’s film TAKERS which opened number one at the box office the weekend prior to his arrest).

We will also witness T.I. behind the scenes in studio as he goes about recording yet another likely Grammy-award winning album. "

All the while with T.I. needing to abide by a new set of restrictions and obstacles due to his probation terms. Can the King stay on the straight and narrow while juggling the chaos of his kingdom?



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