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Beyonce on Access Hollywood

Beyonce on Access Hollywood

Beyonce on Access Hollywood Beyonce sat down with "Access Hollywood" and talked about future plans of having children before she turns 40, the infamous wedding from her video "Best Thing I never had", the strange feeling she had walking down the isle to a stranger, and the Baracci dress that made her mom say "Aww"!!!!

Read a few clips from her interview

 On things she wants to accomplish before the age of 40 Before I hit the age of 40, I’d love to have some children. I would love to direct, continue to learn videos and maybe by then a film, short film or documentary. I love documentaries. I just hope that I’m happy and into my children, well adjusted and still making music if that makes me happy at that time.

On the wedding in her latest video “Best Thing I Never Had”

It was a little strange and when I walked down the aisle I was like “This is kind of creepy. It’s some other man standing here.” It was really beautiful and people were all really excited like it was really my wedding. My mother was even like “Aww.” I’m like “Mom, it’s a video this is not my dress, this is not the real wedding but I think it’s just one of those moments that every woman kind of fantasizes and relives.

On the wedding dress in the video
It was an amazing Baracci dress that I saw in a window maybe a year ago and I was at the Grammy’s. It was just like a beautiful fantasy; we called and they still had the dress. The tiara was Lorraine Schwartz, it was actually a necklace she turned into that crazy crown. I felt like a queen.p>




0 #1 Mrs.Affrica 2011-09-02 13:00 Luv Mrs. Jigga…all I gotta say Is I hope tha babies look like her side of tha family…dam I'm wrong fa dat…oh well it is wat it is Quote

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