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Cedric The Entertainer Host New Game Show

The NBC show has its series premiere on July 19th at 08:00 p.m. See new clips including interviews with Cedric “The Entertainer," and Appraiser Stuart Whitehurst as well as several behind-the-scenes looks.

Created and executive-produced by Lara Spencer and Roy Bank. Also serving as executive producers are Cedric “The Entertainer," John Stevens and Ron Ward.

It’s Worth What? is a game show that taps into America’s love for cost and value, such as hidden gems found in one's attic. Through set imagery and a never-ending flow of collectibles, antiques and near priceless treasures, America is brought into a world with seemingly endless doors behind which are various objects ranging from a life-size replica of the White House to William Shatner's kidney stone that was auctioned off for charity. A pair of contestants is taken through a series of challenges that escalate in level of difficulty, tasking the contestants with discerning the price of the items in each round. If they successfully complete the challenges, contestants can win up to $1 million.

See all the clips and images under the featured video below.


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