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One Life to Live and All My Children Resurrected!!!

Some months back 822 reported that ABC canceled the two popular soaps and replaced them with a "Cooking Show". Go Figure!!?? At the end of the article I suggested that all the fans should protest to get to get their shows back on, and protest they did because we have not seen the last of "Erica Kane" and the "Buchanan's", but in a more futuristic sort of way. ABC sold the rights to the Soaps to "Royal Pains Co." an on-line company, which means you can watch your favorite soaps on-line and they will pick up exactly where ABC left off and you favorite characters will remain for your viewing pleasure!!

Tune into the web in September for the continuous episodes of All My Children, and January for One Life to Live

Way to go fans, you saved another one!!



0 #1 Mrs. Affrica 2011-08-02 03:35 I never watched soaps…but I'm glad for all you who do watch them…because for a minute I thought tha world was cuming to an end…cuz yall [censored]es went krazy about these shows going off tha air…lmao…I GUESS!!!!!!!!! Quote

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