Tiny Harris Blast Nia Riley via Instagram Print
Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Thursday, 15 September 2011 00:00

Tiny Harris Blast

Nia Riley via Instagram

This is getting messier and messier. Nia Riley and ex friend, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast mate, and apparently one of Soldier Boy's "friends" Nastassia Smith have been going at it on and off camera. The social media beef and been heating up and Nia seems to have thrown gas on the fire after she posted that Nastassia has slept with many celebrities including Tiny and TI Harris. Every sentence of her post had everyone ooohing and awwwing, except Tiny. Now we all know that Tiny don't play that, she will pop off, and that she did. It has been rumored that Tiny and TI like to dibble and dabble by adding girls to their bedroom but Tiny stated (as she cursed Nia out) that that info is false. I just love Tiny!!