Young Thug Vs. Plies Print
Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Thursday, 15 September 2011 00:00

Young Thug Vs. Plies

More social media beef. This time its Young Thug Vs Plies. This all started when Plies posted a video of Young Thugs daughter digging in her nose and repeating "I'm motherfuc** Tired." Young Thug commented on the post saying that he wanted the video removed and threatened violence if it wasn't. Now to Plies defense, he didn't even know that was Young Thugs daughter and I believe that because I didn't either. Plies just posted it because he thought it was funny, as did thousands of other IG and FB users. If you follow Plies on IG then you know he is an IG comedian. No Harm no Foul right? Wrong!! I waited all day for Plies to respond and he did via IG video, which resulted in a video from Young Thug and the beef continues.....

Sighs. Cant we all just get along because I'm motherfuc** Tired!

The 822 Lesson of the Day

Do not put it out there if you do not want it seen or heard!!