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Written by The Blind Man on Thursday, 07 April 2011 09:05

Lebron James Mom Arrested

On April 6,2011 Gloria James AKA Lebron James mom was arrested in Miami at the Fontainebleau Hotel. Per employees, she was leaving a party at LIV night club at approx 5am WAIT 5am? Man, Lebron James mom “GOES HARD!!” Nonetheless, she grew impatient and finally upset with the valet and the altercation began. The police was called and unfortunately Gloria James was arrested on assault charges and the valet was NOT!! She was released on Thursday morning (April 7, 2011)

We see Ms. James is a little feisty. I remember back in 2006, she was arrested for DUI in Ohio. In that incident, she kicked out a car window and received several additional charges including assault on a police officer. I’ve only seen that done in the movies! I think its fair to say SHE is not the ONE!!! We wish the best for Lebron and his mom. Everything is going to be all right and this too shall pass.


Yes Indeed, after reviewing the tape at the hotel. Gloria James have been exhausted of ALL CHARGES!! The EVER SHADY valet is actually STALKING Gloria, she was ONLY responding! THAT's a SHAME he need his butt whooped!! Can SHE sue him...I would!! But then again all she would get is EVERYBODY ELSE's car keys because Im sure hes BROKE!! On the tape she slapped him so HARD she almost FELL!! His Punishment? Im not sure but I think they should allow her slap him again once a day for two years...but NEXT time give her some baby powder!!