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On To The Next One: Stephen Bowen

Stephen Bowen is a 6’5, 306lbs defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys. While the five year veteran has spent all his time in the NFL in Dallas, he spent the rest of his life in New York. Bowen went to high school in Dix Hills, NY before playing football at Hofstra University.

Bowen did not start a single game in his first three years in the NFL, but started two games in 2009 and nine games in 2010. His numbers did not blow anybody away – in 2010, Bowen only had 1.5 sacks, 22 combined tackles, and 1 deflected pass (which came in the last game of the regular season). However, in the world of representing athletes, Bowen is seen as someone who has potential to increase his output, and someone that many agents would love to have the opportunity to represent.

Bowen had been represented by Willis & Woy, but recently made the switch to SportsTrust Advisors. While Bowen does not make up for the loss of such a respected running back, it is an addition that Pat Dye, Jr., Jimmy Sexton, should be happy about.



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