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Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams Sues His EX!!!

On Valentine’s Day, Cowboys receiver Roy Williams mailed his ex-girlfriend, former Miss Texas, USA Brooke Daniels an engagement ring worth approx $76,600, $5000K, an autographed baseball for her brother AND a surprise marriage proposal ON TAPE!! WELL Brooke said NOOOOOOO rejecting the proposal but she didnt return the ring and NOW Roy is SUING HER BEHIND!!

Wait a minute did he REALLY mail a 76,000K ring in the mail? DANG that brother was in LOVE!!! The MAIL? IDK Man....Roy said 6 weeks later he asked her about the ring and she said she lost it but he has since found out her father has the ring so Roy is suing them BOTH!! Michael Daniels, Brooke's father and a co-defendant in the lawsuit, has said he has possession of the ring and plans to return it to avoid further legal issues.

A Brinks Truck and delivery guy in a Tux would have been much sexier Roy!!  Registered Mail seem sooooo IDK...BLAAAAAH!! 


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