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Written by Adreanne Liggins on Friday, 17 June 2011 00:00

Chris Bosh PLEADS with His Baby Mama!!!

Chris Bosh wrote an extremely kind email pleading with the mother of his children. His only request is to spend time with his lovely daughter....DURING the playoffs!!  I must commend Chris; he has his priorities IN-CHECK!!  While everyone is glued to the television watching an AWESOME playoff season, all he wants is his daughter.   BEAUTIFUL!!  WHY is his baby mama Allison holding out?  I’m not sure, BUT it’s hard enough to get black men involved in their children lives without the BABY MAMA DRAMA.   So she REALLY needs to put any grievances aside and just move forward.  There isn’t any public record of violence or harm so what the problem? She’s VERY fortunate to have a father figure for her child that actually puts his child BEFORE his career. This is a very difficult situation so Chris HOLD YOUR HEAD UP!!

Dont Worry Bosh filed an emergency motion a Maryland court last week -- asking the judge to temporarily alter their agreement so  Trinity, Bosh's 2 year-old daughter is able to share in what, to date, is the highlight of Bosh's professional career!!



Chris Bosh's baby momma DRAMA - Take 2

I knew that letter Bosh wrote to his daughter's mom and made public was not going to sit right with with his ex "Allison Mathis", who has since filed lawsuit in Orlando Florida. Reports state that the lawsuit is in reference to Bosh preventing her from being on the show "Basketball Wives". Mathis claimed that she signed a deal with the producers and had already taped two episodes, she also includes a copy of her contract which states that she would stand to make 2,500 per episode for the first five shows and 5,000 for each additional. According to the filed lawsuit Bosh threatened the producers with a lawsuit if they were to put Allison on the show which ultimately got her fired.

I find it rather suspect that we are hearing of a lawsuit AFTER Bosh releases a letter stating how desperate he is to see his daughter. People didn't take to well to this, making Allison look pretty bad and now it looks like she is out for blood!!

Are there any NBA players out there that doesn't have a scorned ex?

Man I dont know WHO to Believe BUT I do know...Eventually the TRUTH will come out and her mom is VERY convincing!!!

Deborah Mathis, Mother of Allison Mathis Speaks to About the Chris Bosh Lawsuit. Allison's Mother SAYS the accusations from Bosh are FALSE and DONT CALL HER daughter a HOE....shes a mother!


The two dunks by James in the first quarter certainly were the most awe-inspiring highlights of the game, but the final play that ended in a Bosh jumper may have been the prettiest. It was a textbook basketball play by all involved. The Heat ran a pick and roll with James screening for Wade. Wade drew the double team and found James, who made a beautiful pass to Bosh in the corner for the jumper. Bosh was open because Udonis Haslem set a great screen to prevent the Mavericks from contesting the shot.