Written by Shemika Mitchell on Tuesday, 05 April 2011 19:00

Lil Webbie - BIG FIGHT


Shots fired!!

“Louisiana Rapper” Webbie’s concert!!Lil Webbie was performing at Blackmons’s Plaza on the East side of St. Louis when a fight broke out. In an effort to get the fight under control, a security guard hit one of the guys in the fight with his gun causing the gun to go off and hit another security guard. WHO trained these security guards? Was this a hood club? What trained guard strikes someone with a LOADED gun surrounded by innocent people?? Who am I kidding this was in East St. Louis; EVERY club is in the HOOD! The GOOD NEWS- Webbie was not injured in this incident. (GREAT news, I LOVE HIM ;=)

We have footage below from that NIGHT!!!  OMG this is KRAZY!!!


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