Who is Philadelphia's Craig Myers?? Print
Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Monday, 01 August 2011 00:00

Who is Philadelphia's Craig Myers??

Just who is Craig Myers from Philly?? 822's CEO swears he is bout to blow, I don't trust anybody ears or eyes... ONLY my own so I did a little research on the Philly rapper and I have to say dude is HAUTTTE!!! Myers is originally from South Philly and has been a lover of music since he was a kid, he gives thanks to his mom for introducing him to music, sadly at age 6 his mom was murdered right before his eyes. The Philly rapper shows admiration for rappers such as "Biggie Smalls" Myers has put together several mixed tapes and is well known throughout Philly.

Check out CraigMyersWorld.com

I'm loving the "Hustle Hard Remix", he killed it!! (Bowties and Beats Baby)"Thank God I'm alive is my favorite so far.

Aye Craig Myers.... Who Dat?? Cool