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Beyonce Gets 2012 Academy Award Invitation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Monday, 20 June 2011 09:30   

Academy Award Invitation-Beyonce

Beyonce Gets 2012 Academy Award Invitation

For those wondering what the big deal is let me enlighten you. An academy invite does not mean that she was just invited to the Academy Awards itself. It means (Drum Roll Please) She will be one of the A-Lister's that will vote on who and what wins an Oscar.That my people is HUGE, we're talking major crossover.

Jennifer Garner, Jesse Eisenberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Russell Brand, Ellen Page, Mila Kunis, and 170 other artist have received an invite as well.

Stay Tuned for details for the 2012 Oscar Night

Jennifer Hudson Joins Cast of Three Stooges Film Remake PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Thursday, 16 June 2011 05:33   


Jennifer Hudson Joins Cast of Three Stooges Film Remake

J-Hud will take on the role of Sister Rosemary. Reports state that Hudson's role will likely be that of the nicer sister at the orphanage woking to get the stooges an adoptive family. I really wish negotiations would have gone through for Jim Carey to snatch one of the stooges roles or maybe even Jack Black. Filming is taking place in Atlanta Ga. (Home of Liggins Enterprises) and is set to premiere in year 2012.


Fifty in Aruba For Film Festival PDF Print E-mail
Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Wednesday, 15 June 2011 17:33   



50 Cent In Aruba Ummm IS THAT Fifty?

My boy Curtis is sporting a new look in Aruba for the premiere of his film "Things Fall Apart" at Aruba's International Film Festival. So what do you guys think of 50's new hairstyle? Whatever we say doesn't matter, it's Fiddy...... And it's all Gucci :D

Things Fall Apart Plot Summary

DEON BARNES (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) is a college running back with a fierce combination of blazing speed and stunning power. His mom BEE (Lynn Whitfield) works double shifts as a bartender, and when Deon’s on TV, the bar is packed with supporters. Family friend ERIC (Mario Van Peebles) has always been there to support Bee and to mentor Deon. Deon’s brother Sean is also a college student, a hard worker who pays for his college education with the help of financial aid and a full time job at a car dealership.

Deon gets along with Sean, unaware of the resentment Sean feels towards him. Sean works hard to make good grades, and Deon works hard to become an NFL draft pick. Deon is the big man on campus, likes to party, and has his pick of beautiful co-eds. Sean has a crush on Sharon, a pretty co-ed, but somehow she ends up with Deon. Needing a win to secure a berth in the Post-season, Deon hoists the team on his back and carries them to victory. But the celebration is short lived. He collapses in the locker room and wakes up in the hospital, where he learns he has cancer. DR. BRINSTALL (Ray Liotta) tells him and his family that he will probably never play football again.

Eric conspires to keep Deon’s disease a secret from the NFL Scouts. Deon, his dreams crushed, undergoes chemotherapy treatment, shedding nearly eighty pounds of muscle and leaving him weak, almost helpless. He returns to school a shadow of his former self, emaciated and unrecognizable. Sharon stands by Deon, but finds herself growing close to Sean. One night while studying, Sean tells her the truth– the only reason Deon ever approached her was because Sean was interested in her. Deon catches them kissing and confronts Sean. With his football career in serious jeopardy and his family seeming to turn on him, Deon begins to realize a startling truth: he’s not really a good person.

His family begins to fall apart. Like him, their hopes and dreams were dependant on his success in the NFL. Deon struggles to pick up the pieces of his life, and reconcile with Sean, but Dr. Brinstall informs him that the cancer has spread. With precious little time left in his life, Deon sets out to put his family back together again.


Hangover Fun Facts PDF Print E-mail
Written by shemika Mitchell George on Wednesday, 15 June 2011 07:28   


Fun Movie Facts For Ya

(Fact #1) The Hangover 2 earned 31.7 million on it's opening day setting a new record for a comedy on opening day

(Fact #2) The Hangover 2 has been in theaters for only 18 days and has grossed 215,727,461 so far

If you have not gone out to see "The Hangover 2" I'm asking you why?? I personally found it hilarious as well as my daughter Cori who often imitates Mr. Chow


Stu is getting married. Along with Doug, Phil, and his soon-to-be brother-in-law Teddy, he regretfully invites Alan to Thailand for the wedding. After a quiet night on the beach with a beer and toasting marshmallows by the camp fire, Stu, Alan and Phil wake up in a seedy apartment in Bangkok. Doug is back at the resort, but Teddy is missing, there's a monkey with a severed finger, Alan's head is shaved, Stu has a tattoo on his face, and they can't remember any of it. The wolf-pack retrace their steps through strip clubs, tattoo parlors and cocaine-dealing monkeys on the streets of Bangkok as they try and find Teddy before the wedding.

View The Hangover 2 Trailer

Angelina Jolie To Return For Salt Sequel PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator on Wednesday, 08 June 2011 15:33   


Angelina Jolie To return For Salt Sequel reports that Screenwriter Kurt Wimmer is said to have started writing the sequel to Salt, while Jolie, 36, will reprise her role if it 'comes together right'. Sony has ordered a script for the new movie.

Salt opened last summer and made more than $300 million worldwide. I LOVE this movie!! Very exciting...I certaily hopes it comes together. If so, look for a late 2012 release!


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