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Eddie Long Accuser Arrested!!

Jamal Parris, 24 was arrested in Miami. Sgt. Seth Dubinsky allegedly stopped the car for a faulty windshield tag. When he approached it, he smelled marijuana. Dubinsky searched the vehicle and found 181 grams of marijuana(Approx. 5 oz) He said he also found 50 clear plastic baggies and a Taurus semiautomatic handgun which Jamal registered in Atlanta before moving to Florida. He said Parris also was carrying $1,250 in cash. Jamal was driving a SPANKING brand new 2011 BMW 328i BABY!! Bought this with his recently settlement from Eddie Long!

Jamal’s possessions was "indicative of a drug dealer," said Dubinsky. SO Parris was booked, jailed and charged with two felony counts: possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm while committing a felony. He also was charged with operating a motor vehicle with no registration, a misdemeanor. He was later released on Bond.

Dubinsky further added "He kept telling me he bought that BMW with the settlement money," Dubinsky said. Parris also told the cop he'd been accepted to Miami-Dade College. "He said, ‘you guys are getting the wrong impression of me.'"

He recently transferred to Miami to complete college. Well Jamal…sounds like you have your hands full!! You know people are watching you – so chill out and ummm JUST GO TO CLASS!!






0 #1 Mrs. Affrica 2011-07-21 06:53 People wit money do sum dumb [censored]…smh…stop draw'n attention to yoself…yo black…in a BMW…wit sum weed…and lil bageys…sit yo [censored] down somewhere lil boy…lol Quote

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