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Lauryn Hill - Preggo?

Lauryn Hill expecting new baby (With a twist). While Lauryn Hill was in Detroit on the "Moving Target” tour, the singer announced she would be taking some time off to have her sixth child.   Yes, Lauryn Hill is already a proud mother of 5 with Rohan Marley (The late Bob Marley's son) And speaking of an episode of Maury P.... (Just Joking) Rohan Marley wants us to know that he is #NOTTHEDADDY. What better way to spread the word than via Twitter!!

SN: I missed the part where she announced that he was her baby's father!! Assumptions, Assumptions (You know the rest)


On a different note...Rohan is part owner of the Jammin Java Corporation. A company that provides premium roasted coffee on a wholesale level to the service, hospitality, office coffee service and big box store market. The stock is doing VERY well...Thanks Rohan!! You are making me a lil change-a-lange keep up the good work!!


Hip-Hop Wired sent Rohan a message on Twitter to confirm:



A Fan Tweets with Rohan-UMM hes NOT JOKING!!







0 #2 Mrs.Affrica 2011-06-10 07:30 Women need to know their worth…why would you continue to have kids with a man that's not stepping up to tha plate to defend you in tha media…only tearing you down…and from previous reading…didn't he have a baby with one of her family members…smh…and also from .listen to her music…she's talking about him in almost all her songs about how he has hurt her to tha point of no return…so once again after all tha drama she has been thru in tha past…there's no way in hell she should have got knocked up again by this loser…just because your last name Marley…so what…enuff said…toodles 822 keep us entertained … Quote
0 #1 Ashlee Prelow 2011-06-09 05:59 I mean omg she has like a couple of hits…So seems like to me Rohan is the bread winner..Sooooooo why would she go and get pregnant by another man#dumb[censor ed]#…I mean really Lauren thats was foul but hey u are still one of my favorites…(much love)… Quote

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