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Nicki M photo spread for Glamour Magazine

Nicki Minaj

"In my downtime, I’m the most low-key person in the world. We all have insecurities, but you have to know you’re beautiful. I’m comfortable in my skin and I don’t feel the need to change for anyone."

Check out a few pics from Nicki's "Glamour Magazine" photo spread, I'm loving the all red accessorized with the Tom Ford shades....... I see you and your red Loubs Nicki!! (Fabulous)





0 #1 Mrs.Affrica 2011-09-02 12:37 Okay…now I gotta say I like the pics…but lately when I see her now she be going over board wit all that weird looking [censored] she be wearing to the award shows…seems like sometimes she try to hard…I like her when she first came out…simple and cute…now I don't know wat she be doing…and u a grown [censored] woman…not a barbie doll…dress like one instead of looking like I jes picked yo [censored] up from toys-r-us…lol Quote

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