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Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Tuesday, 29 March 2011 19:00

Ricky Rosay Arrested

“I’m SUPER HIGH (Super Duper, Super Duper High)” In my Ricky Rosay voice… HA
I’m sure those were the words Rick Ross was saying when the Shreveport, Louisiana Police Department came a knocking on his Hilton Hotel room door on Friday March, 25th in Shreveport, Louisiana. Apparently Rosay had that” LOUD LOUD” because a little pigeon told me she could smell it from his room to the front desk. (SN: I have a lot of pigeons in Shreveport) (POUND) “Shout out Shreveporters”. When SPD entered the self-proclaimed “Bosses” room they found a gram of marijuana in plain sight. Ross was taken into custody immediately!!

Rick Ross was supposed to be ripping the stage at the DJ Bay Bay platinum birthday bash in Shreveport, Louisiana at Club Ko Ko Pellis (a party I happen to be attending) You would think that the club would have overstock on Rosay considering it was a “Rosay” event, but not Ko Ko’s, they ran out at 12pm. SMH Ko Ko’s!!!! Other than that I have to say it was well put together event, red carpet, food, and FYE music, except one thing “Where the hell was Rick Ross”?

Rumor Control

He was at the PARTY!! Rick Ross was given a summons and was released moments after his arrest; on his own recognizance! So not only did he make the concert, my boy made waves in that thang!! Rick Ross is a made man….Checkmate ROSAY!
Now I have heard that some "other media outlets" have reported that Rick Ross never performed for US at Ko Ko’s due to his arrest. SO WRONG-Now you have The 822!! Word of the day LEGALIZE!!

A Little Known Fact For Ya

This is not the first time the Tef Lon Don has made Shreveport news. Rick Ross was set to perform for the first time at Ko Ko Pellis (Then called Club Ice) in January 2007. (I was also in attendance) Well the janky promoters oversold the concert which left 100’s of people outside. Did I forget to mention that they were angry? People were trying to force their way through the doors and ended up getting maced, beaten, and thrown in jail by the same police department that hemmed Rick Ross up. The local news got involved that night and continued the story on to that Monday where they reported that people were once again standing in line with the promise of getting their money back which never happened

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