Written by Shemika Mitchell-George on Thursday, 10 September 2015 10:22

Chris Brown Vs. The Game?

It seems as though heart face emoji's were made for the pictures that K-Tran post on her IG. Can we blame them though? The girl is hot, "Happily Single,"  and seems to be making a name for herself since her split with bf Chris Brown. K-Tran seems to have caught the eye of rapper/reality star The Game. The Game was spotted liking 8 of K-Tran's pictures as well as following her on IG. Now you may be thinking "So what!!" Well it definitely was not a "So what" for C Breezy. The Game has millions of followers on IG but he follows no one.... At least until now. This got Chris Brown's attention, and he made it known that he felt as though The Game needed the publicity. Chris Brown has no problem starting social media fights with anyone who so much as likes one of his ex girls pics. Do you remember Tyson Beckford and the selfie that he took with Karrueche? Poor Tyson, he had bloods threatening him (he wasn't scared though). Next up we have Marques Houston who left a comment about K-Tran's bikini picture on IG. Chris Brown responded to the comment by saying "Go Home Roger" (A line from Sister Sister). That one was funny!! Now we have CB vs The Game. Or should I say Wackstar vs The Game? Wackstar (Chris Brown's friend) seems more hurt behind the situation than Chris Brown. During a heated exchange between Wackstar and The Game via social media, Wackstar was accused by The Game as being the one who robbed Chris Brown's house and tied up his aunt.

Hopefully this beef will end soon, but I have a feeling this isn't the last time Chris B will sound off behind his ex boo thang.  Check out Karrueche Tran in the movie 3 Headed Shark, Vanity, and her up coming role in the hit series Empire.  Check out Chris Brown's latest compilation with Rita Ora "Body on Me."

Check out The Game's new reality show "She Got Game," and be on the look out for "The Documentary 2".

The  Game of Questions??
Why did The Game follow Karrueche and no one else?
Why hasn't The Game responded to Chris Brown's diss?
Does Wackstar have anything to do with the home invasion?
Don't they both bang blood?
the-game-chris-brown-beef 1  



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