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Chris Brown Vs. Meek Mills 

 Chris Brown vs. Meek Mills
So now it's Chris Brown vs Meek Mills over Rhianna? If Rhianna stands next to a mop a rumor will get started that she is dating it!! However it is obvious that C Breezy does feel some sort of way when it comes to his old flame. Ok if I understand this clearly. Chris Brown was supposed to have Mills on one of his songs, but when pictures of Rhianna showed up at a birthday party of Meek's Chris took him off of the song. This did not sit too tight with Mills so he did what they all do, he went to Twitter.
Meek Mills Tweet
"U took me off ya song cause she let me watch da throne! #dreamsandnightmares"
Of course Chris Brown fires back with.......
"She's a dream chaser! (Mill's mixtape title). "There are alot of dreamers so she'll be running forever!" 
Meek Mills Response
"Dese chicks belong 2 da gameā€¦ not u! Never get confused and that's all u!"
Chris decided to be the bigger person and ended the tweefing
"Time to be a grown up" Getting off the path happens. A Positive outlook shapes my future."
In the mean time Rhianna was in Miami partying with non other than Drizzy Drake when they decided to jump in on the Twitter beef
Drake's tweet
"Oh that's yur ho? That's our ho too. lol."
Rhi Rhi's tweet
"The best part is that EYE get to choose. Cupid stay away from my ho's!!!" 
822 Sidenote: What does Mills mean by "she let me watch the throne?" Is he claiming he got the cupcake?? He also tweeted "Taking these ni**as h**s everytime"


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