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Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Sunday, 03 June 2012 00:00

Tami Roman speaks out on the

Wendy Williams show

I'm sure that we all still have that image of Tami Roman holding Kesha Nichol's purse hostage while yelling and screaming obscene words to her. I have to admitted I was p**sed, but in Tami's interview on the Wendy Williams show (How you doing??) I actually believe that Tami's apology was sincere. In that short interview Wendy got in every question that the people wanted to know. Tami got emotional when she spoke about how her behavior hurt her children, how her man keeps her grounded and her new project.

Basketball Wives has been picked up for Season 5, I have a feeling that nobody will be getting slapped or having their purses held hostage on this upcoming season.

On how her daughters were affected

I have my gully moments, but I think that everybody does. I think if you turn the camera around on anybody’s life for one day, everybody’s had a moment that they aren’t too proud of. But I think for me, I am raising my two daughters and this particular incident really taught me a valuable lesson. I really wasn’t acknowledging the platform that VH1 and Shed Media had offered me, and I wasn’t really being responsible. And for the first time, I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their mom. They were embarrassed of me. They take a lot between the social media outlets outlets and everything. And I said, “You know what? It’s ridiculous that I’m on TV and I have a huge platform. I should be responsible. I should be accountable, and I haven’t really been honoring that.”

On the twitter responses

It was a difficult time because the truth of the matter is, I can’t let what someone is saying behind the scenes–what they’re doing, how they’re acting–drive me to that level of frustration. But a lot of that you guys really didn’t see. So, at the end of the day, the only person I have to blame is me because I was the one who got up there and acted a pure fool. I’ve openly admitted that I have since apologized to Kesha. I have tried to take the responsibility behind my actions. I thank everyone who actually hit me up on Twitter because they pulled my coat tail on it.

On how Season 5 will be different for her

I can’t speak for the other girls… I can only speak for Tami, and I’m making a personal vow that I will never see that look in my children’s faces again.