Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Thursday, 21 June 2012 00:00


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is a spin off from the original Love and Hip Hop series (Jim Jones and Chrissy). It premiered on June 18th at 8/7c on VH-1. The new cast consists of

  • ·         Erica Dixon (Current girlfriend and daughter’s mother of Lil Scrappy)
  • ·         Joseline (New and upcoming Latino artist)
  • ·         Karlie Redd (R&B singer/rapper)
  • ·         K Michelle (R&B singer/ex girlfriend of Memphitz Wright)
  • ·         Mimi Faust (Long time girlfriend of music producer Stevie J)
  • ·         Rasheeda Buckner (Atlanta rapper)
  • ·         Lil Scrappy (Atlanta rapper)
  • ·         Momma Dee (Scrappy’s mother AKA momma Scrappy)
  • ·         Stevie J (Atlanta music producer, boyfriend and daughters father of Mimi)
  • ·         Ariana (Close friend of Mimi Faust)

In case any of you 822’ers missed the first episode, here’s a rundown. It comes on showing the obvious problems with Stevie J and Mimi’s relationship, when he presents her with a gorgeous home but it is too far from Atlanta which is where Stevie J will spend most of his time “working,” Mimi feels as though this is just another way for him not to spend time at home. Then there’s Stevie’s relationship with his new protégé Joseline, it’s obvious that there is more than just business here. Things get heated when it slips out at a party for K Michelle that Joseline and Stevie J are in a relationship.

                In other news, Scrappy discusses with his mom that girlfriend Erica is not affectionate enough for him. Momma Scrappy goes in about everything from the kitchen sink to a particular body odor of Scrappy’s ex girlfriend “Diamond” (also an Atlanta rapper) Hilarious!!

                In my opinion I think the show appears to be a bit scripted to be reality TV, but I am still interested and will continue to watch…….. will you??

Check out Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Mondays a2 8/7c on VH1………. And in that order (Momma Scrappy voice) J