Written by Shemika Mitchell George on Friday, 09 September 2011 00:00

Perez Hilton's Children Book has hit bookstores

"Perez Hilton" can officially add author to his list of occupations, his children's book "The Boy with Pink Hair" has been released. Perez is so thrilled of his accomplishment and expressed it through Twitterville!!

"I'm so proud of this book. It's really special to me! I hope you and any young kids in your life enjoy it!"

Perez told ModernMom in an interview that he "can identify in many ways withThe Boy With Pink Hair, but he represents so much more. This story is about every kid that's ever had a dream, felt excluded, wanted to belong, and hoped that one day they could do what they loved and make a difference."

Congrats Perez from 822!!!!!!



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